Blue Anthropologie Style Necklace Tutorial

As I am new to blogging, this is my first tutorial so bear with me. I have seen several tutorials for this type of necklace.  One was on the blog – Stars for Streetlights, but here is my version.

This was my inspiration –

Anthropologie Necklace

Anthropologie Necklace

Here is a list of my supplies:

Fimo baking clay in the color of your choice

string of matching beads, purchased mine at Michaels

several silver beads, I used four

2 crimping beads

beading wire, thin gauge

old t-shirt in a matching color to your beads/fimo for the necklace strap


I followed the directions on the fimo and formed the beads randomly to sizes and shapes of my liking.  I used a toothpick to make a hole in the beads before baking so that I could string them onto the beading wire later.  (no photos of this process – sorry) Once the beads were cool, I started the necklace making process.  I made two strands of beads –

Strand one: a sliver bead, 3 turquoise beads,(a fimo bead, a turquoise bead) 5x then a fimo bead, three turquoise beads, a silver bead.  Set this strand aside for now.

Strand two: a sliver bead, 3 turquoise beads, (a fimo bead, 2 turquoise beads) 5x then a fimo bead, three turquoise beads, a sliver bead.

T-shirt straps: I had an old T shirt the same color as the beads I was using.  I cut off the bottom heam portion and then cut another strip off the bottom that was about 1 1/2 inches wide.  I cut the side seams off this strip and ended up with two t-shirt fabric strips.  When you stretch them they should roll in on each other. Place aside for now.

Place the two bead strands together.  Strand two should be a bit longer than strand one.  Holding both strands together slide the crimp bead over both beading wires and pull tight. Feeding the wire from the bottom up through the crimping bead.  Then feed both strands of the wire back down through the crimping bead forming a loop through which the T-shirt strap will go.  Repeat this process on the other side of the bead strands as well.  Now take one T-shirt strap and feed it through one of the loops made with the crimping bead .  Pull the wires tight so that it holds the t-shirt strap in place.  Crimp the bead and cut the excess wire.  Repeat for the other side.

I apologize that there are not more photos of the work in process, but making this tutorial was an after thought.  Here is the finished product


And another view –


Update:  I kind of felt like the necklace looked a bit caveman stylish, so I took the beads off and restrung them – this view is much better!


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