Throw Pillows

021A quick way to “redecorate” or update a room decor is with fabric.  I had made some pillow covers for my couch throw pillows that remind me to much of Fall. I like to redecorate my mantel for the seasons/holidays.  Now that Christmas is over I have gone with a simple white and aqua blue which reminds me of frost and clean crisp air.  So when I came across this fabric in my stash 

010I knew I had to make some updated throw covers.  The fabric has small white and blue stars on an aqua back ground.  Perfect for the current color theme in my living-room.

I wanted to be able to change out the covers so I made them overlapping in the back so that the pillow can just slip in and I did not have to use zippers or buttons for closure.

I started by measuring my pillow which was 14 inches x 14 inches.  I cut the front panel of the pillow 15 inches x 15 inches. Then I cut two panels for the back – each one was 15 inches x 9 inches.

011Smaller back panels: Turn over 1/2 inch on one of the 15 inch sides, press, and fold over again.  Sew this seam.  Do this again on the other small panel.   You will only need to do this on one of the sides as the other will be sewn to the front panel in the seam.



Once these seams have been sewn, pin one of the short back panels to the front panel with right sides together and raw edges even.

014Then repeat with the second short panel – again right sides together and raw edges even.


Now sew around all the edges.  Tip: Do not start at a corner.

016Once you have sewn all the edges together.  Trim the corners on a diagonal.  This will make the corner nicer when you turn the pillow case right side out.


Flip the covers right side out and make sure to work the corners so that they are square.  Insert your pillow.


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