Monday Musings – Housecleaning Part 2: Monthly cleaning list and twice a year cleaning list

So in an attempt to stay organized, I purchased this 3 ring binder from Target.  I love the Owl pattern (I am very much obsessed with owls lately).  006Into the binder I put my weekly cleaning list (vacuum rugs is crossed off as I had the remainder of my carpeting taken out and now all I have is hardwood floors) and my daily cleaning list.  I have them in sheet protectors so I can use a dry erase marker to mark off the items as I go.  This is what my lists look like – you will need to customize yours to your home. The weekly cleaning list takes me about one hour to do – I do these on Friday mornings.

007The next page in my binder will be my Monthly Cleaning List.  Here is what I put on mine:

Scrub tubs and shower stall walls

Wipe down all baseboards

clean window sills

clean shudders

wash throw rugs

wipe out microwave and toaster ovens

wipe out oven

wipe out refrigerator – throw out old items

wipe down ceiling fans and light fixtures


Also on this page is my “to be done twice a year” list.  My list looks like this:

remove all window screens and wash windows

wash items in china cabinet

clean oven 008


My goal is to choose one or two of the items on my monthly chore list to do each weekend. Breaking the cleaning down into manageable time increments makes it easier to stay on top of things rather than always trying to play catch up and then spending the whole weekend cleaning.

Next Monday I will start to break the rest of my house into sections – focusing on deep cleaning one room a month.  Stay tuned…….




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