Glitter Branches

In keeping with my winter theme in my home right now, I thought these branches I read about on Pinterest would make a nice addition. Here is what I used:

Modge podge


Silver glitter

Branches I purchased from Marshall’s for $7.99

006I layed out a drop cloth to catch the excess glitter as I worked.  I started by painting the modge podge on the branches with the paintbrush. Do this a little at a time so that glue does not dry before you have a chance to add the glitter.

007Sprinkle the glitter on the branches as you go along.  A little glue, a little glitter, etc.

008To coat the branches I sprinkled the glitter from the container, picked up the excess glitter off my drop cloth and sprinkled it on the branches, and even at times rolled the branches in the glitter that had been caught in the drop cloth.  Remember this does not have to be perfect – some clumps look nice and make an even nicer “icy” affect.  I did not coat every branch as this also made the branches look more natural.  When they were to my liking I laid them on the drop cloth to dry.


011Let them dry for 30 – 45 minutes.  When dry, gently shake off the excess glitter.  I put them in a vase I had purchased some time ago on clearance.  I think I achieve the look I was after.





4 thoughts on “Glitter Branches

    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      When they were dry I shook them pretty hard and a lot of glitter did fall off. I have them in my dining room in a low traffic area. I just checked and there is no glitter on the floor. So far so good. I think if you go light on the glitter you should be ok.


  1. bsheaboggs

    Oh I’m so glad you posted this! I need a bajillion of these for my wedding and couldn’t bring myself to pay 12 bucks a bundle at the store. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this! haha Thanks again! :):)


    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      You are so welcome! Please post pictures of yours – you could even get creative and use different colors of glitter. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!!! ❤



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