On the Needles – Scoodie – I need help!

I finally finished the 330 rows and now I am trying to knit something called a Loop Stitch.  Here are the directions:

Insert RH needle into next stitch as if to knit, bring yarn between the needles to front, wrap under and over thumb of left hand to form a 1-inch loop and bring yarn to back between needles.  Insert needle into same stitch again and knit stitch, then slip first stitch of loop stitch over 2nd stitch to leave 1 stitch on RH needle.

So I understand the directions just fine, however, when I knit these loops the stitches are so loose that the loops don’t want to stay put.  They keep slipping and end up looking like big holes.

Has any one ever knitted this stitch?  Any tips or suggestions?  It is supposed to look like fringe along the bottom of the scarf and along the edge of the hood.

017Fellow bloggers please help out if you can?



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