Knitting and Crafting Marathon – Update

I had to change the dates on my Knitting and Crafting Marathon to January 20 and 21.  (On the 22nd I have Grandma duty and would not be able to knit).  So far today, January 20, I have knit for 8 hours and I have made the following items:

Sun Hat –



One sock –

018The other sock is on the needles right now. Back to knitting!


4 thoughts on “Knitting and Crafting Marathon – Update

  1. Cheryl Marie

    Oops, i see you DID post your marathon progress – great work, it looks like you accomplished a lot! Does your one sock have a mate yet? I am in the process of knitting a pair of socks and I am doing them one at a time. Sometimes I do like knitting them 2-at-time but then again sometimes it’s nice to see faster progress by knitting them one by one. You get to try one on much more quickly.
    Great job on your first Marathon!


    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      Thank you I has so much fun. The sock has a mate, but the purple slipper is still in progress. I want to finish it this week so I can start on a sweater I have had my eye on. I think knitting socks two at a time sounds wonderful. How do you do that? It would be perfect for me as I run out of interest after I have completed one and it is hard for me to complete the other (hence the delay on the slipper) The marathon forced me in a way to keep going. I would be better served knitting socks for one legged pirates – no need to finish the other – LOL.



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