Monday Musings (on Wednesday) – Housecleaning Part 3

Monday I was so busy with my knitting marathon that I did not have time to post about my housecleaning progress.  Tuesday I had Oma (Grandma) duty and was spending the morning with my dear, sweet granddaughter.  Now it is already Wednesday, where does the time go????

The fact that life gets in the way of the best laid plans is something that will never change, it is how we respond to the things that get in our way that determines how we live our life.  I try to “roll” with the punches and make the best of each day.  To do this, I find that organization is key and that is why I am developing my Housecleaning binder so that I can stay on top of what needs to be done.

So far my binder contains:

My Weekly Cleaning list

My daily cleaning list

Cleaning tasks that need to be done once a month

Cleaning tasks that need to be done twice a year

I am now moving on to breaking  the rooms of my house into separate areas and listing what I would like to deep clean in each one.  I will focus on one room a month and by the end of the year I will have deep cleaned each room in my home, as well as, keeping my weekly cleaning down to 1 hour per week.  No one wants to spend the precious weekend time we have cleaning all day.

I do realize that some of you work in an office and can not dedicate a day to clean during the week. If this is true for you, I would recommend breaking the weekly tasks up and doing one or two each day during the week.  This way your house still gets cleaned and you are not a slave to the process. You can add your monthly cleaning chores onto the ones you do each day, or add them to the time you spend cleaning on the weekend.  I usually add them onto my weekend cleaning day.  this usually only adds an additional 15 minutes to my cleaning time. I usually clean 15 minutes on Saturday and 15 minutes on Sunday.

For January I am focusing on my Kitchen.  Here is what my chore list for the kitchen looks like:


Wipe down cabinets

Wipe off top of refrigerator

Wipe off Knick-Knacks and declutter countertops

Scrub floor

Clean crumbs out of drawers and straighten

I don’t have many items on this list and each task takes 15 minutes or less.  Since each month has a minimum 4 weeks I should not have a problem getting these done within my scheduled, allotted time frame.

So far I have wiped down the top of the refrigerator and scrubbed the floor.  I took last weekend off to participate in the knitting Marathon so I will tackle the following tasks on Saturday: Wipe down cabinets, wipe off/declutter my countertops, and clean the crumbs out of my drawers.  These chores will most likely take me 30 minutes and then I am free to enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Stay tuned for next week when I post my progress and show you the Family Room detailed list.





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