Sew for Me – Easy!

Well it is easy according to Simplicity Pattern 2032.   What you don’t know is that I can knit and crochet up a storm.  I can make jewelry and have even made sculptures out of cork.  I can paint and I like to cook and bake.  I can even sew for my home and for others…… BUT when it comes to sewing for me its – put on the brakes, back up the bus, don’t pass go, don’t spend money on that fabric as you know it will end up not fitting you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a personal goal this year, I am trying to not purchase any new clothing items.  I have PLENTY so no need to purchase anyway, however, I do have several patterns and fabrics that I purchased in the past and then chickened out when it came time to sew.  I have had the fabrics for so long that I don’t even remember what I bought them for in the first place or even how much fabric there is – LOL. (any of you bloggers out there have tips for cataloging such items – please do share)

I decided to jump in the pool and not be afraid to make a mistake.  I cut out the pieces to pattern 2032 and came across some fabric (not to excited about the print (purple camouflage what was I thinking) but I guess that makes it safe – you know – in case I screw it up royally.

002I drew an arrow to the top I will tackle and the fabric is a t-shirt type of knit.  I will cut the fabric out tomorrow and will get sewing.  Maybe I can embellish it a bit with some cute trim or wear a cute cardigan over it.  Hey now I am getting ahead of myself – I better sew it first before I start planning outfits.

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