Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away – what are your traditions?

I like to celebrate the holidays as they come.  I try to decorate my home a bit for each holiday and season.  This year I have been trying to use what I have and maybe purchase one or two more items as I go.

Today I decorated my mantel for Valentine’s Day.  Here is a photo:

008I want to make some throw pillow covers for the pillows on my couch but have not come up with a creative idea that I like.  I will keep searching and I am sure to come across something crafty, red, and cute.

On Valentine’s Day, I make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.  I will usually make sure we have some sort of red juice and of course strawberries and whip cream for the pancakes.  For dinner I make pizza – and cut the pepperoni into heart shapes and will serve some sparkling cider to drink.

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without chocolate, so for dessert I will make chocolate brownies with heart shaped powder sugar on top.

Each of my sweethearts will receive a little gift from me for Valentine’s Day.  I have not yet decided what that will be — just something simple that says I love you!!!!

What are your Valentine’s Day traditions?


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away – what are your traditions?

  1. smileycook

    I am not HUGE on Vday but I like to make it special for the people I love. I make family members little treat baskets with little trinkets and baked goods like cookies or handmade chocolate. For my mothers students I make chocolate lollipops and for friends mini heart cakes. This year I am gonna take it up a notch and make truffles for my staff and other fun little things. I think this holiday should just show you are thinking and appreciate your loved one either a friend, sibling, parent, lover whoever! You def don’t have to be in love to have fun with VDay 🙂


    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      I am so glad you commented and I totally agree. My husband says this is just another Hallmark Holiday – but I feel loved everyday. 🙂 I love your idea of the little heart shaped cakes – do you have a special pan for them?


      1. smileycook

        Haha men I know say the same thing LOL. But I am so happy you feel loved everyday, we all shpuld feel that way 🙂 I actually bought a heart shaped bundt pan last weekend which I will use for the holiday. Another idea I have is to buy a heart shaped cookie cutter and bake a sheet cake, cut out pieces and decorate them. My best friend did the same idea with brownies and gave them to the children at his daycare center!


      2. At Margareta's Haus Post author

        I like the idea about the sheet cake – I will give this one a try. I have a cookie cutter that will be perfect for this.


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