Idea Book

So often I get catalogs in the mail and I look through them and get inspirations on outfits (what clothes to put together) jewelry making ideas, decorating ideas, craft and sewing ideas, the list goes on an on.  Instead of keeping all the magazines or overloading a bulletin/peg board, I decided to make an idea book.

I purchased a plain notebook from Target.  It has lined pages, but unlined works fine too.

009Here are some of the magazines I will be going through this evening.  When I find something I like I cut it out and glue it in my book.  Sometimes I will write something about the photo – something like this – “this sweater would look great with my blue skirt” or “Christmas gift idea.”

010Here are some of the photos I have already chosen and are waiting to be put in my book.

011And here is a look into my book.  I refer to if often and update it as I find things of interest.

013What is your inspiration?

6 thoughts on “Idea Book

  1. Gjeometry

    This is great! I have a very similar kind of idea or inspiration book where I make sketches and add swatches of fabric, picture I’ve found in various places and sometimes, items, like feathers, leaves, etc. that I find interesting. I’ll be doing a post about it in the near future. I think it’s important to have books like this to keep you motivated :).


    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      I agree and can’t wait to see your post. Your book sound so much more colorful than mine. I love your ideas and may incorporate some of them if it is OK with you?


      1. Gjeometry

        Oh my goodness, of course! I will have pics of my book when I post it, so you can feel free to have a look and lift whatever appeals to you :). As long as you don’t take my actual book, lol.


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