A Clean Slate and New Bedroom Furniture

My husband and I will have been married 15 years this year.  During this time we have never had our “own” bedroom set.  I has always been some of his and some of mine thrown in together.  It was such a mix of textures and wood colors that I have not felt inspired to dress it up much.

We purchased a new mattress (California King Size) a few years ago.  It is one of those temprapedic mattresses.  It is very comfortable but there were a few problems. Our previous bed was a queen – this mattress does not fit on the frame.  (don’t worry we didn’t have a bedroom set remember – it was just a metal frame)  Since we wanted to be sure we liked the mattress before buying a bedroom set, my husband just amended the frame (stretched it to capacity) and put plywood on top.  We put plastic on top of the plywood to protect the new mattress of course.  Are you feeling my pain yet – a decorating nightmare!  So my saving grace was that I had to buy new sheets to fit the beast.  I purchased nice, crisp white sheets since I was unsure of comforter color choice, etc.  So that is the story on the mattress.  Fast forward two years later……

Still sleeping on the plywood because we could not decide on a bedroom set we both would like.  In the meantime, we decided to refinish our wood floors.  Our bedroom had carpet and was an addition to the house, so we actually had to lay the wood floor in this room.  The rest of the house had dark stain wood floors or wood floors with carpet over it.  The decision was made to refinish the floors and get rid of the carpet. We chose a light more natural stain color and it really brightened the house up. It made no sense to buy heavy furniture that we would need to move during this process – so the bedroom had to wait.

As anyone who owns a home knows….. one project soon brings on another.  Hey, since we have all of the furniture out of the rooms – lets have them painted…. hmmmm a little crown molding in the master bedroom would look nice.  We hire a painter even though we could have done this ourselves.  Our thought was to get the furniture back into the rooms as quickly as possible so hiring someone who could come in and knock the project out quickly was key.  So where are we now – hardwood floors in (check), rooms painted (check), bedroom furniture purchased (check) – hey wait a minute – this was my son’s bedroom furniture.  What about me……”We just spent so much money on floors, paint, furniture for the boy – we should wait and make sure we find something we like.”


So the day has come – it is finally here- we found something we like!!!!!! At Costco of all places!!!!!!! We purchased my son’s furniture there as well and it is really good quality.  The bedroom furniture will be delivered today.  I am beyond excited.  For the first time in 15 years my hubby and I will have a bedroom set that we picked out together and can enjoy together.  It has things for her – mirrored dresser with lots of drawer space. And for him – storage drawers under the bed. Matching night stands! Why is it the little things excite us so much?  After my room is all set up I will be on the look out for a comforter set.  We had the room painted a light yellow color as the sun really shines in here during the day and it looks so bright and welcoming.  If anyone has any ideas – I welcome them.  I have been looking on pinterest and in magazines as well for ideas.

So here is the clean slate:


You can see the mattress up against the wall here.



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