Very Inspiring Blogger Award

inspiring blog award

I WAS NOMINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am beyond flabbergasted and honored to be nominated to receive this award.  I haven’t  been blogging for very long and have been nominated for two awards already.  The thing that honors me most about this award is that I was nominated by Norah of Life as a Culinary Girl. She has such a sweet and inspiring blog and to think that she chose me is truly wonderful.  She is very creative in the kitchen and with the pen.  She posts her wonderful recipes and her beautiful writing on her blog and I do hope you will stop by and visit her.

Part of being nominated for the reward asks that I list 8 things about myself.  Wow, that is a tough one – where do I start?????  Well how about the beginning –

1.  I am the oldest of three girls – each of us born in a different Country.  I am the only one born in the United States.

2.  I am a Mom to a lovely daughter, a wonderful son and grandma to a beautiful granddaughter. These three are the joys of my life.

3.  Though I work in an office again, I am a domestic at heart and love all things homemade.

4.  I am left handed but do all my crocheting and knitting right handed.  My Oma (German Grandmother) taught me and she was right handed.  She wanted to be able to help me in the event that I made an error and to do this she needed to see my work right handed.

5.  I have been living in So. California for 23 years but before that I lived In Germany for 14.  Moving from Germany to So. California was quite a difference, but I have grown accustomed to the faster pace though I do miss Germany a lot.

6.  My hobbies include, but are not limited to: cooking, crocheting, knitting, painting, jewelry making,  reading, sewing, yoga, and now blogging.

7.  I love to travel and have already visited many wonderful locations: France, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Canada, Mexico, various United States but my favorite place of all time is Alaska.

8.   I love to laugh, it is good for the soul.

The next part of the award is for me to bestow this special honor on bloggers who inspire me with their posts and blogs.

Life as a Culinary Girl – of course she is at the top of my list and inspires me to have fun and enjoy life.

Lil Blue Boo – she has fought and survived cancer and her cancer chronicles are truly inspiring.

Salt and Chocolate – she has such a cute blog and tells of her family adventures and traditions

Stars for Streetlights – her blog is so full of fun and creative ideas she is a true crafting inspiration

Fake it Frugal – very inspiring thrifty ways to home make otherwise processed foods.

A Pretty Life In The Suburbs – very sweet blog – wonderful recipes.

Frugal By Choice Cheap By Necessity – Great blog for keeping it homemade and under budget.

The Small Things Blog – great blog for beauty and hair tips.

I hope you will visit some of these blogs as I know you will enjoy them as much as I do. There are so many wonderfully inspiring blogs out there and to think I was nominated as a “Very Inspiring Blogger” is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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