Chocolate and Recess Chip Donughts

2013-02-24_08-34-46_70Last weekend my son woke up with a craving for doughnuts.  He has such a sweet tooth that he even asked for this mini doughnut maker for Christmas a few years ago.

2013-02-24_08-59-42_858We have definitely got our use out of this gift as we have made doughnuts several times.  It makes 6 mini doughnuts at a time and they take about 5 minutes.  This time we used a recipe  I found on the Boomtown Sisters Blog. You can find the recipe here. We did not have any Cinnamon Chips on hand (actually I have never heard of them before) so we used mini chocolate chips and recess chips instead.  They turned out really good and we had enough for breakfast and for snacks the next few days.

Making my own doughnuts is not something I ever really though of doing, but with this nifty gadget it is really no problem at all!

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