Garden Bounty

I had started my garden a few months ago, but think I was a bit premature.  I was so excited when I planted and then we had a weird cold spot come through So. California and even had some frost.  My beans stopped growing and so did everything else.  So bummed – 😦

Well the weather has made a turn for the better – warmer – but still not hot which is perfect garden weather.  My beans have started growing again, the carrots are doing nicely and the green onions look like they may make it as well.

In addition to these items I planted Cauliflower which we have already eaten – and red cabbage.  I don’t think the red cabbage will make it.  I also planted a lettuce blend.  I was so excited to see little heads of bib lettuce in the making and was able to harvest 2 of them for dinner along with some red lettuce as well.

In the photo you will see a few onions as well.  These are from my husband’s side of the garden.  He has planted onions, tomatoes, and pumpkins.


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