Idyllwild Women’s Weekend

Hello All!!!!!!!!!!!  I am back from the women’s weekend and it was very nice.  My Mom and I have been attending for three years now and both said this weekend was not as relaxing as those in the years past, but the two of us had fun exploring the town and working on our projects.

We stayed at the Idyllwild Inn which used to be a bed and breakfast but now we have themed rooms with access to a full kitchen.  Each group takes turns making a meal.  Mom and I teamed with some of the other ladies and made breakfast.  Our room had a western theme.


2013-03-23_11-32-57_784In the past we have stayed in the Spring room and the Fall Room.  So far we like the Fall room the best.

Though we did knit, craft, and crochet I did not finish the brown crochet shrug.  I am still working on the last sleeve and then need to put it all together.  Mom was working on a lime green sweater and needed to purchase more yarn.  Here is our little knitting circle.


My mom is the one closest to the lamp

As you can see – some had their lap tops and ipads.  Many of the women just came to drink wine and socialize which is fine, but do you now what happens when a group of women get together and have toooooo much wine???? It gets very loud.  Hence the not so relaxing part of the weekend.

Overall – it was nice.  Mom and I decided that we would give it one more shot next year and plan to sit on the patio or on the upstairs balcony if it gets too loud.  To bad – as out of the 20 women that went only about 6 of us were crafting.  Maybe the 6 of us need to start our own retreat of sorts.





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