The Boy Whips up a new Taco Creation

The boy loves Mexican food and is currently obsessed with the Taco Bell Ranch Doritos style tacos.  He saw a commercial for a taco that had a hard taco shell covered with a soft shell and cheese in between these two layers.  Then of course all the taco fixings on the inside.  Today for lunch he set out on a mission to recreate this.

IMG_20130629_113932_056Here he is frying up the ground beef and adding his own special seasonings.  I was in charge of the refried beans – served as a side – and making open faced quesadillas which would be used cover the hard taco shell.

IMG_20130629_114002_214Here is a photo of the finished creation as he is digging in –

IMG_20130629_115240_740…..and here is the aftermath –

IMG_20130629_121235_851I would say that he enjoyed his creation!  Of course he went on to consume multiple tacos – I lost count after 5.  YIKES!!!!

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