New Love Affair with the Bullet

I have had the Bullet for quit some time and make smoothies often.  I have recently dusted it off and taken a new liking to my Bullet.  Tonight I made a strawberry/chocolate/banana smoothie that was to die for.

IMG_20130712_193632_236I already have plans for my next smoothie – peanut butter/banana.  The possibilities are endless.  Are there any other bullet lovers out there?  What do you make?

2 thoughts on “New Love Affair with the Bullet

  1. Cookin' Cowgirl (wanna'be)

    I’m so glad someone else out there loves using there Magic Bullet!!! I use mine everyday (sometimes more than once) and i make a ton of different smoothies (or if i want a cool & refreshing desert i make a Slush Puppy) I never worry to much about following an exact a recipe to a “t” (unless i’m making something specific) i just throw a banana, some ice, yogurt, sometimes mango’s, strawberry’s, or blueberrys, or if i want something chocolatey i add cocoa to the banana version, or if i’m looking to make a meal replacement, i add whey protein powder. – i’ve got some recipes on my blog if you want to check it out instead of listening to me ramble here! lol 🙂



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