Returning to the Blog

Hard to believe how fast time can go by.  How much can change in a matter of years, months, days…. were it not for the link to facebook (that notifies me when there is a view on my blog) I may not have returned.

My first introduction to blogs was as I googled a particular topic and was then directed to a person’s blog.  I quickly found what I was looking for and much, much more.  There are so many talented bloggers out there and I slowly started following a few.  It was then that I realized – perhaps, just perhaps, I too would have something to offer to the cyper world of people looking for crafts, recipes, cleaning tips, or just conversation.

I was always so disappointed when the blogger suddenly stopped blogging or officially announced they were closing their blog.  It left me with a sad feeling, sort of like a long time friend moving away.  Now – suddenly – and I don’t know how or even why I quit blogging – I have become one of those.  I apologize for my absence and will slowly ease my way back.

Thank you to those who have taken a peek to see if perhaps there was a new blog entry!






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