Two Words – Hot Yoga

I have been attending Hot Yoga for about a month now.  I used some of my Birthday Cash and what a great investment this has been.  For those not familiar with Hot Yoga – it is exactly that.  The room is very warm (hot actually) and then you perform typical yoga routines.  The only difference is that you sweat and I mean SWEAT!!!!!  The room is not uncomfortably stuffy, but as you start to work out you can tell when your body heats up.  I am actually dripping on my  mat about half way through so I recommend getting a yoga towel to put down on your mat so there are no slips.  I am fairly new to yoga so I have  been doing a class called slow flow.  I can already tell I have more upper body strength – for all the downward facing dogs and planks.  I am still in need of more core work, but I plan on sticking with it.

If you have a Hot Yoga studio in your area – I would highly recommend checking it out! If you do attend a class, let me know what you think.  If you are already a fan of Hot Yoga – I welcome any tips you may have.


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