Plumbing issues…..UGH


So my garbage disposal has not been wanting to drain. Actually I take that back…it has been sending water up the other sink.  Usually I run the disposal a bit and then both sides eventually drain.

Today, however, has been a different story.  When I asked my DH (Dear Husband) if he thought we should take the pipe down to see if there was a blockage he replied that as long as the drains ran down – no need to take on such a huge project.  Hmmmm

As he noticed my frustration in trying to get the water to go down – he came to my aide.  (That is one of the many reasons I so love my DH.)  As the water drained out of the sink we thought we had a victory. The celebration did not last long as the water went down the drain, out the pipe that had come loose, out the cabinet and onto the floor. This resulted in a mad dash for rags, buckets, mops etc.

As DH had a business meeting this morning all we could do was to remove everything from under the sink, dry it out and mop the floor. No water in the sink until later today when – yes you guessed it – DH will have to undertake the pipe issue.  The good new is my under sink cabinet is cleaned and decluttered. Silver lining!

Stay tuned…..

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