Plumbing Update: All Clear!

I was a bit discouraged after my last post.  DH snaked the sink

kitchen snake

…not once, but twice and still no dice.  The water would drain at first then start filling both sides of the sink.  We were at a loss as to what to do.  I googled our dilemma (thank goodness for Google) and WOW the number of people with plumbing issues.

The consensus was to use a plunger.  We were both a bit grossed out by using the toilet plunger in the sink so DH had a better idea.  He said since the garbage disposal makes the water come up the side sink, what if we put the drain plug on the side sink and force the water down the main sink.  Worth a try – right!  DH said he really had to hold the plug down as the force of the water was so strong.  So as he held the drain plug down, I held my breath as I just knew the plug would either a) let loose and yup I would be cleaning up who knows what from the kitchen ceiling, or b) the pipe would let loose from the bottom again and we would be on a mad dash to mop up the water.  Well neither one of my envisioned scenarios came to be and a wooshing sound was heard.  We once again have a working drain!!!!!  Thanks DH for all you do!

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