DIY – Starburst Mirror

starburst mirror

I have been wanting one of these starburst mirrors for some time now.  I have seen many DIY versions and had not decided on how to proceed.  About a year ago I purchased 2 packs of bamboo sticks from Michaels and a 6 inch mirror from Joannes Fabrics and Crafts.  Still not knowing what design I wanted to end up with the project got shelved.

I have been trying to stash bust – not only fabrics and yarn, but also various crafts that have gone unfinished.  Today I came across the supplies I had purchased


and decided to give it another try.  I knew I needed something as a base to glue the sticks to and found this cross stitch frame that was just the right size.


I took it apart and only used the inner ring.  At first I lined up the sticks around the circle frame just to make sure I liked their placement.  The sticks were in varying sizes  – some skinny and some thicker.  Then I started to hot glue them in place.


I kept gluing until I had the entire circle covered.  I needed to let go of the perfectionism – which is what I think sabotaged my original progress – and let the gaps between the sticks just naturally fall depending on the sticks size.  After the circle was complete I placed a round of glue on the top of the frame and placed the mirror on top.

I knew I wanted this to hang over my bed – and once all the glue had set – that is exactly where I hung it.

Hope you like it and are inspired to try one for yourself.




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