Me-Made-May – post 2

So I am a bit late to the party and not sure I am even doing this right, but I decided to start wearing outfits that contain a self made item.

Here is what I have been  wearing lately:

knit grey top

Grey knit top made from a Knit Picks book I purchased last year.  Yarn is from Knit Picks as well.  Sorry I do not remember the pattern name off hand.

Stripped top

This is the Hemlock Tee Pattern that is free and you can get it here.  I actually sewed this on Saturday and love, love, love the way it fits and feels so I went ahead and made another more suitable for work.

black and white topThis is such an easy pattern to sew and I can see myself making more of them.

I also refurbished a pair of capris that I bought at a thrift store for $5.99 into a nice pair of walking shorts.

Thrifted shorts

I think they turned out nicely.

That is all I have for now – will keep trying to wear my me made items through the end of the month and will share photos as I go.



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