Sewing – The Plaid Top


As of late I had turned more to knitting and crochet – rather than sewing.  Since returning to the blog and reading all of the inspirational posts of my fellow bloggers – I have once again been bitten by the sewing bug.

A while back I had purchased several sewing books.  One of them is called Simply Modern Sewing and has very simple designs.  The top pictured above was sewn in one evening.  I have been trying to use notions, fabrics, etc. that I have on hand so I only made one row of elastic around the neckline, but it turned out just fine.

The book is simple in design, but also simple in instructions.  By that I mean, they don’t provide many photos and pretty basic instructions.  It was also a bit difficult finding the pattern pieces on the pattern pages provided.  This top was pretty basic in construction and only had four pieces: front, back, sleeves and elastic/neck casing.  I think if the pattern had been a bit more complicated, I may have struggled a bit.

Overall I am happy with the outcome and may tackle another pattern from the book in the future but feel I need a few more projects under my belt first.

wearing plaid top

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