Plums, plums and more plums



This is the third year of our plum tree and we are having quit the harvest. The branches are so heavy they almost touch the ground. I have picked several batches for Mom and Dad, have consumed several at our house and offered some to the neighbors as well.
The hardest part is keeping the squirrels away.

We decided to try and preserve some plums by using the dehydrator. So we picked a huge haul.  Here is hubby washing just about 1/3 of what we picked.


Then we sliced them up and layered them in the dehydrator. (Yes there are 5 trays of plums in there)



After about 30 hours they looked like this.  (I wish the blog had a smell feature because as these plums were dehydrating it smelled like pie in my house.)


In an effort to preserve them even more we vacuum packed them in small batches.


We laughed as we thought about how they must have done a similar process back in the early days so they could continue to have fruits during the winter months. At the same time we realized how fortunate we were to be able to use the dehydrator and vacuum packer!

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