Plums, plums, and more plums…continued…

Our plum harvest continues and we are trying to preserve as many as possible.  We already dehydrated a bunch of them which I blogged about here.

My husband picked a new batch and we decided to try our hand at Plum Jam.  I found a pretty simple recipe on All website.  Here are a few photos of our process:

The first photo shows the plums cooking with the pectin and thickening up nicely.  The second photo is the jars ready to go into the hot water bath for canning.  We canned about a half gallon of jam in all.

I still had plenty of plums left over and did not want them to go to waste so I found yet another recipe – Gluten Free Plum Crisp It turned out to taste as good as it looks.  A bit of a cross between a cherry and apple pie.  Unfortunately you can not smell it here – but it smelled so yummy as well.


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