Pedometer – Free Android App

I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a Fit Bit for a while but have been hesitant, primarily due to the fact that I am afraid it will end up in a drawer with my other pedometers and step counting gadgets. This device is far to expensive for that to happen. 

Instead I found a free app on the Google Play Store called Pedometer. It tracks your steps, how many calories you have burned, and how many miles you have walked. I am fairly certain it is not 100% accurate but I am just trying to get a feel for my daily steps and will try to increase them over time. 

Today is my second day on the app. I hit start in the morning when I get up and stop when I go to bed. The only thing is you need your phone with you. I just stick it in my pocket or in a small pouch I have for my phone when I go out for my walk.

The photo is a screen shot of my day so far. I am liking the app thus far and the price was right. My goal is to find out my average steps for the week and increase this number by 500 steps for the following week. 

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