The big freezer cleanout!

We have been purchasing most of our meat and other freezer type items from Costco.  We find it more price efficient to purchase in bulk and then vacuum pack smaller portions at home. I do find that having a freezer like mine makes it hard to see what you really have in stock so occasionally everything comes out and gets reviewed. Today was the day.

Here is what was in my freezer…

I was lucky this time as I only had a few unidentifiable items.  I am usually pretty good about labeling but sometimes one or two items slip by me.

Upon further inventory I was able to determine what I had on hand, what I needed to restock, and even found some wonderful treasures long forgotten. (hatch chili sauce my hubby made last year)

So now I have a clean freezer, a Costco list and something defrosting for dinner! Fruits of my labor.

1 thought on “The big freezer cleanout!

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