Knitting on the go – update…

I have finished crocheting all the flowers for the throw rug and am in the process of sewing them together.  (See photo for my progress)  I am using the ends to sew the rosettes together. Win-win situation…. ends woven in whilst sewing them together.  It is a bit tedious so my goal it to do a row or two each weekend. 

Now that I have finished crocheting the rosettes I have a new project on the go.

This is a free sweater pattern from Lion Brand.  I usually take the colors for one granny square with me on the go.  I need to crochet 6 of each square pattern color combo.  I also take a needle with me to weave in the ends as I complete a six pack of squares. 

I have been trying to use up my stash. This project, as well as the rug are putting a big dent in using up my yarn on hand which makes me smile. 

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