Sleepwear Sew Along Completed!

I finished the last two items in my Sleepwear Sew Along.  It was a two piece PJ set made out of comfy flannel.  I used a combination of two patterns – See & Sew 3698 for the top and Simplicity 3696 for the bottoms.

PJ on dress dummy

I made the shorts version of the Simplicity Pattern and shortened the length of the top and made short sleeves instead of long on the See & Sew Pattern.  To see the other pieces of my sleepwear – click on these links: Robe, Pink PJ Set, and Nightshirt. (A two piece sleepwear item counts as 2 sewing items)

I am not sure if I will win any of the wonderful prizes but my win is that I completed the Sew Along.  I have never sewn much in the form of clothing for myself.  I have always been more of a knitter and crocheter.  I really would like to sew more and this sew along was so fun I am looking forward to the next one.  A new sew along will take place and is to be announced by Sew Alongs and Sewing Contests  on August 1.  I can hardly wait!


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