Pizza Pasta Bake (Gluten Free)

I originally posted the link to this recipe on my weekly  menu for the week of July 22 but here it is again.  As usual, I amended the recipe a bit.  Here is what I changed:


Instead of ground turkey, I used ground beef

I left out the mushrooms and instead, added a whole red and a whole green bell pepper.

Instead of sundried tomatoes packed in oil, I used the ones without oil

I added garlic (everything tastes better with Garlic)

I used dried basil instead of fresh (about 1/2 teaspoon)

I used Gluten Free pasta


Boil the noodles, and while they are cooking fry up the ground beef -adding in the salt, pepper and sage. I use lean beef so there was nothing to drain. When the beef is still a tiny bit pink,  add the onions and sautéed until done.  Next add the green and red bell pepper and cook everything for about 5 minutes.  To this add the crushed red pepper, basil, olives, garlic and marinara sauce.  Give everything a good stir and let it simmer about 10 minutes on low heat.  I made sure to use a skillet large enough to hold the entire dish – including the pasta that I added later.

When the pasta is done, drain then add to the sauce mixture being sure to mix well.  You want sauce on as much pasta as possible.  I used brown rice shell noodles which worked nicely.  Once all is combined,  sprinkle the mozzarella cheese on top.  I did not use quite a cup and mine was finely shredded.  (cuts a bit on calories, but not on the cheesy flavor)  Cover with a lid or foil until the cheese is just melted – then you are ready to serve.

I chose to make this dish in a large skillet instead of putting it in the oven since we have very hot summers and I try to limit my oven use so as not to heat up the house unnecessarily.

This was a delicious, quick and easy meal.  The boys loved it and are already talking about having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.



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