Weekly Menu for the Week of August 8 – August 12

We have been back off vacation for a week now and I am just starting to get back into normal routines.  I missed posting a menu for last week as I did not go to the grocery store and we just “winged it”.   I much more prefer a plan, so here is what I am cooking at the Haus this week – hope you will join me.

Monday: Individual mini pizzas, green salad

Tuesday: Rigatoni Bolognese – I will make this with GF noodles, and salad

Wednesday: Spicy Hungarian Red Potato Goulash with Smoked Sausage (new recipe)

Thursday: Baked Garlic Butter Chicken (new recipe) French Fries, salad

Friday: Slow Cooker Beef on Rice (new recipe), salad

I am trying several new recipes this week.  I love trying new things and finding new flavors to put together.  I am also having several side salads this week.  Trying to squeak out all the salads we can before the cooler weather comes and we resort more to hearty vegetables and soups.

Hope you have a wonderful week!



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