Mandala Madness – Crochet Along

mandalaI am really late to the party on this one and would have missed it all together if fellow blogger Tracy from Its a T- Sweets Day had not shared that she had downloaded all the Crochet Along tutorials and was starting her Mandala.  She posted about ordering her yarn and where to get the CAL info here.

The kits that were originally designed for this CAL were out of stock so I ordered the yarn according to the colors provided by  Esther from the blog Its All In a Nut Shell.  She was also the one who designed the video tutorials for the Mandala Madness.  So far I have completed CAL part 1 and am happy with the way the color combinations are coming together.  My only regret is that the yarn is a thin cotton and I wish I had ordered a thicker yarn.  None the less – it is looking beautiful and I am learning a variety of new stitches along the way.


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