Fun Scarf Tutorial

I am participating in my second sew along.  The theme for this one is destination.  My album for the sew along is Destination-Inspiration.  Each season as the catalogs come in the mail, I look through them and clip photos to put in my idea book.  I found a cute scarf and thought I would try to recreate this myself.  I need 8 items for my sew along by December 15.  This will be my first item.  Enjoy and I hope you sew along!

It is always a good project when you can work with what you have on hand.  I had about 1 1/2 yards of 60 wide fabric on hand and several yards of pom pom trim.  I find that fabric that looks good from both sides works best for scarves. Mine is a light gauzy cotton fabric.  The color and pattern reminds me of snowflake crystals and that wierd blue hue that happens in winter when it is not quite light and there is snow on the ground.  

I layed the fabric out and cut it in a sort of rectangle – I know there is a geometric term for the shape but I will just show you my drawing below.  These are the measurements I cut my fabric too.  In the upper  right hand corner you can see my inspiration photo.

Once my piece was cut to the desired length and width I finished the edges.  I use the same Pfaff machine that my grandmother bought for me in 1987.  It is my only sewing machine and I love it!  I know some of you have sergers and that makes the process easier but I have this special foot 

that makes a nice rolled edge like this:

I sewed this edge around the entire scarf.  Next I sewed on the pom pom trim.  I only sewed it along the top and bottom of my scarf as I was affraid it would get to bulky otherwise.  The beauty of this is that you can add as much trim as you like or leave it off entirely.  

I love it and it was a really quick sewing project.  Would make a nice Christmas or Birthday gift as well.


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