Weekly Menu for the Week of August 15 – August 19

As in most places we go back to school this week.  In addition to dinners it is time to think about school lunches as well.  Our only full day of school is Friday so I only need to pack lunch once this week.  The boy is not a huge fan of sandwiches so I need to get creative with lunches.  To be honest I am not sure what the deal is because he does like the occaisional ToGos or Jersey Mikes sandwich.  He is going to take the plunge and have a sandwich on a sprouted wheat bagel. Hmmm – I will need to let you know how that pans out.

Anyway, enough of that chatter – here is what I have on the menu for this week….

Monday: Baked Tacos  I am making mine with ground beef

Tuesday: Fried noodles with cabbage (recipe to follow), kielbasa

Wednesday: Schnitzel (recipe can be found on my recipe page) French Fries, cucumber salad

Thursday: Bacon Mac n Cheese (recipe can be found on my recipe page), bratwurst, salad

Friday: First day of school – dinner out to celebrate the start of the new school year

Let me know what is cooking at your Haus!  Happy Cooking!

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