Fall Poncho Tutorial

Cooler weather has not yet hit us in Southern California, but when it does I thought this would make a nice transition piece.


About 2 1/2 yards of stretch fabric (knit, fleece or sweatshirt type fabrics)

Below is a photo of my fabric and my inspiration photo.

I began by folding the fabric in half to form a large square.  At this point you can hold it up to see if you like the length, width, etc.  I found mine to be a bit to long and looked to frumpy.  I ended up cuttung about 10 inches off the length from the front and back. My finished measurements were 22 1/2 inches in length. (measured from the neck to the front or back)

Since my fabric does not ravel I decided to make a decorative edge around the entire square.  This is what the button on my sewing machine looks like for the zig zag stitch I used.

I folded the edge over to the wrong side of fabric and made a 5/8 inch seam all the way around.  At this point it should look like a giant square – with a decorative edge of course!  Here is what the process of my stitching looked like.

The next thing is to determine how wide yiuwant the neck to be and to make sure it is centered.  I folded the square in half (imageine you are looking at the front or back of your poncho now).  Then fold it over – left side over right side to determine the center.  Once you have found the center place a pin there and open your square.  You shoukd once again be looking at the front or back of the poncho.  Next measure out from each side of the pin the width of your desired neck opening. If you wanted a 12 inch opening, you would measure 6 inches from the center pin towards each side – again placing a pin.  You should now have 3 pins, one marking the center of the neck opening and two that mark the end.  Should look like this:

Carefully cut this slit open.  Again, my fabric does not ravel or fray so I could have left it as is, but I decided to make a small rolled edge using a foot that came with my Pfaff. It would be perfectly fine as is however.

I wanted wear my poncho different ways; with a scarf, with a wide neck opening, or flipping it around so it almost looks like a V-neck.  Here are some photos with different views.


6 thoughts on “Fall Poncho Tutorial

    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      I lived in Germany for many years. This would have been a great piece to have then. Easy to carry in a bag and put on when it gets a bit cool. Glad you like it.



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