I am officially addicted to CALs!!!

It all started with the Mandala Madness – that is where I learned about the Peacock Tail Bag CAL – for which I joined the Facebook group.  Through Esther from Its All In A Nutshell (who makes amazing videos to help with the more challenging stitch combinations) I learned about the Demelza CAL.  The Demelza Cal also had a Facebook Page and that is where I learned about the Lover of My Soul CAL.  A fellow blogger, Wee House of Crochet shared that she would be participating in the Carousel CAL.

So far I am through part 10 of the Mandala Madness.  This CAL has officially ended, but the nice part about CALs is that the instructions remain online for a while.  Tracy from Its a T-Sweets Day and I have been crocheting this together.

I am current on the Peacock Tail Bag – part three was released today so that will be my project for this evening.

I am current on the Demelza Blanket CAL – we started with  16 small squares and I am finished with 8 of them and the next part of the pattern is to be released on 9/8 so I am well on track.

My yarn has not yet arrived for the Lover of My Soul Blanked CAL – but I do have the pattern.  Again, the best part of the CALs is that you work at your own pace.  I will have to so some catching up on this one.

The Carousel CAL will start on 9/13 and my yarn arrived today.  The colors are so bright and vibrant – I can’t wait to begin.

I guess it is official – I need help – serious help – as I am addicted for sure!  Hope you click on some of these links and join in on the fun!!!

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