My Crochet Journal

In follow up to my recent post regarding my addiction to CALs I am writing about my Crochet Journal.  With so many projects underway, I needed to find a way to keep them all straight…where did I order the yarn from, which site contains the pattern updates, which group was the one I was to posts my updates to, etc.

Since I have been spending so much money on yarn, I decided to not purchase an “official” crochet journal but instead create my own.  I used an old binder of my son’s and plastic sheet protectors.  I printed out a nice image and slid it into the cover of the binder.

I found the perfect filler page online as well.  It is a free printable from A Nerdy Crocheter. Here is a sample of what her page looks like:

blank page

and this is how I incorporated them into my projects:


Of course I will need to add more info as I start some of the projects and finish up others.

I love the fact that I can add as many pages as I like and can keep track of everything in one place.  Do you  have a project journal?  If so what do you use?




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