CAL Update

In the spirit of updating, I will give you a brief update on my addiction to CALs.

Peacock Tail Bag –  Complete!


This was such a fun project and I am using the bag already.  I added the lining, an inner pocket for keys or cell phone, and a snap clasp.  Here is a photo of the lining. Very pleased with the outcome.


Demelza Blanket Cal – We are currently in week 3.  I have completed all three parts and am eagerly awaiting the next pattern part release.  Below is a photo of my squares so far.  My Mom has chosen this blanket and now it means even more since I am crocheting it for her.


Carousel Blanket By Sue Pinner – this is so fun to make.  I can almost feel myself on the Carousel.  I am through the first two parts and am waiting on part three.  My daughter has selected this blanket.  It is so fitting for her – very whimsical just as she is.


The Sunshine Owl CAL – I don’t believe I have posted about this one yet.  Here is a photo of the finished CAL.


My colors are a bit different as I am using this as a stash buster project.  I also purchased a Caron Cake and am using that in the mix as well.  Here are my colors so far.  As I am a lover of all things Owl – this one is for me!


Mandal Madness –


Alas, this one has been shelved as I have gotten a bit carried away with all the other CALs.  I will finish the Mandala along with these before moving on to other projects such as The Lover of My Soul CAL.

The yarn for the Lover of My Soul came all the way from South Africa and boy was it worth the wait.  It is beautiful.  I will finish the CALs I currently have underway before tackling that one. For now it will remain on my project list along with the Kaboom Cal, I want that Bag, Sophie’s Universe, and so many more.

3 thoughts on “CAL Update

    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      Thanks Tracy. I do love it. I have gone CAL crazy!! Lol. I have decided instead of trying to keep up with them all I will finish one at a time. Working on the Sunshine Owl blanket now. I love owls to this one is for me. Trying to use my stash on this one. The Demelza is beautiful as well.

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