Do You Sign Your Work?

A while back I ordered labels to add to clothing that I have sewn.  Then I knit a sweater for my Father and wanted a label so he could hang it if he wanted, but also so he would be reminded of me.  That is when it struck me…I should attach such labels to all my creations.  The photo above is the Owl Blanket I just finished.  I stiched the label to one of the underside corners.  I think it gives it a bit of a designer look.  There are so many online sites to order labels from.  Once these are used up I will definitly purchase more.

So the question remains…Do you sign your work?  You most definitely should!

5 thoughts on “Do You Sign Your Work?

    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      Michelle you really should. All the work that goes into our projects – we should get recognition!! 😊


  1. rachelcraftymakes

    I have made cross stitch christmas stockings for my two children and put my initials in tiny stitches – i wanted them to be able to look back in years to come and know that their mum made them for them. I agree that we should sign our work 🙂



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