An Easy Way to Clean Your Shower


There is nothing nicer than a hot shower.  Having your shower nice and clean at the time makes the hot shower that much better.  So how do you achieve this nice, clean shower?

I have tried many different cleaning solutions and methods and after much searching have found that the following method is the best. In addition, if you are like me, your shower is so big that the best way to get all the nooks, crannies and corners are when you are IN the shower!  (Don’t worry, I spared you from having to view those photos!)

So here is my method –

The Tools:


Dawn dish soap

Fillable Brush with sponge top


Since the vinegar is a thin liquid it wants to run out of the brush so I fill the brush up about half way with the Dawn first (Be sure to use Dawn as it cuts through the grease and grime build up) and then fill the remainder up with white vinegar.


After your brush is filled, give it a good shake to mix everything up.


You can tell I have been using this brush for a while.  I will need to replace it soon.  I store this brush, filled, in the shower in a large plastic cup.  That way it is always ready for me to use and I can use the cup to rinse the shower walls as well.


I give my shower a good scrubbing at least once a week, sometimes more.  I start by scrubbing the built in shelves, then the walls, the shower doors, and then the shower floor.  I then use the cup filled with the shower water to rinse everything off.  I keep a squeegee in the shower and squeegee the walls and doors before I leave the shower daily.  The photo taken above is taken with the shower doors closed so you can see how clean and clear the doors become using this process.


Every now and again I give the shower a squirt with the following product to keep any mold that may want to build up at bay.  Maybe once every two or three months.


Be sure not to mix cleansers.  When I use the bleach I don’t usually clean the shower with the Dawn/Vinegar mixture.

Here is another photo of my clean shower and you can see where I keep my cup and brush.


Hope this post provides you with some helpful tips.




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