New Year, New Habits, New You – 2017!

Welcome to 2017!!!!  We all start the year with good intentions; we will eat healthier, we will excercise more, we will lose weight, we will finally get organized, (aka: New Years Resolutions) the list goes on and on.  By about the end of the month we start to slip back into old routines and old habits creep back in.  We are then left with a feeling of failure and negative self talk.  You see we are by nature creatures of habit.  A dramatic change is hard to maintain.  It would be like trying to quickly make a direction change in the Titanic – a ship that size needs time to change course – and so do we.

Did you know that it takes about three months for a new habit to start to take root and even longer for it to become automatic?  This is just one habit – when we start with such a long list of resolutions then it is no wonder we set ourselves up for failure.  Negative self talk can often snowball into the all or nothing effect.  “If I can’t manage to stick to my diet today then why even bother excercising or for that matter trying to diet at all.”  Does this sound familiar?  Instead of starting off the New Year with a list of resolutions – pick one.  One that is attainable.  Success breeds success.  Start with something easy.  

I know I need to drink more water.  I also know I don’t particularly like plain water.  I do not want to add any artificial flavorings – such as Crystal Light.  I have decided to try “infused” waters – but not the expensive store variety, self made instead.  There are so many options available; lemon and cucumber, lemon and mint, berries, apples and a cinammon stick, sliced orange and vanilla, to name a few.  Pinterest is a great source for inspirations.  I fill a large 2 quart mason jar at night and put it in the refrigerator and drink it the next day.  My goal is to drink one of these jars per day.  Drinking water has many healthy beneifts – it keeps us hydrated, aids in digestion, helps the body to eliminate toxins, etc.  This goal is attainable for me and a great start.  At the end of January I will be well on my way to solidifying this new habit and will be ready to start thinking of my next goal.

If I can keep up this pace by the end of 2017 I will have developed 12 new habits.  Not to bad!  If I wrote 12 resolutions on a list I can guarantee I would not have achieved even one.  If at the end of 2017 I only manage 6 or even 3 new changes – I would still be very pleased.  

I do hope this post provides you with some food for thought and guide you to rethink your “all or nothing” mentality.  Remember that you do not need to wait until a new year to start making small changes.  Each month has a new beginning, as does each week and each day.  Embrace each new beginning and celebrate your milestones and successes along the way.  Love yourself where you are – turn off the negative self talk (if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself). 

Hope you join me on the way to new beginnings, new habits, new you!

Happy New Year!!!!


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