SweetHaus CAL #3 – Sunday Shawl

Tracy of Its A T-Sweets Day Blog and I have had so much fun crocheting together that we decided to work on our third CAL together.  Our first CAL was the Manadala Madness – didn’t it turn out lovely!


The making of our Mandala was how we connected.  We then went on to make the Peacock Tail Bag which was our 2nd CAL together.

peacock-bagBe sure to visit Tracy’s blog to see her wonderful creations.

We are so excited to begin our 3rd CAL which starts on January 29, 2017.  The pattern is by The Little Bee and can be purchased at her Ravelry Store here.  The Pippen Crochet Club is the designated Facebook group for this CAL and a post with details can be found here.

Tracy and I have decided to go at our own pace and will be starting our CAL on February 6.  This will give you plenty of time to get your supplies together.  I ordered my yarn from Wool Warehouse and am using Merino Soft Yarn by Scheepjes. 

I fell in love with the photo for this shawl and decided to try and stay with the light grey as the main color and the bright accent colors for the borders.  (in my photo my main color looks more tan than grey, but it is a beautiful light grey color.)

 Tracy has chosen lovely colors and is using burnt orange as the main color.  You can view her post about our CAL by visiting her at Its’s A T-Sweets Day

I am super excited to start this shawl and we would love for you to join us!!!!


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