Sweet-Haus CAL Sunday Shawl Begins!!!!

The time has arrived to start the Sunday Shawl and as with most things – they are more fun when you can make the journey together with a fellow crocheter.  I am so happy to have connected with Tracey of Its A T-Sweets Day.  She is so creative and her blog is such a treat to visit.  

We started our journey with the Mandala, followed by the Peacock Bag and now here we are hosting the Sunday Shawl as our 3rd Sweet-Haus project together  and have our eye on so many more projects to do.

Tracey has elected to use Burnt Orange as her base color and has posted photos of the start of her shawl on her blog.  Please visit her by clicking here.  

I elected to stick with the colors shown above and have started in the grey.  The yarn is so soft, I wish you could feel it.  I cant wait to wrap myself in its warmth.  Here is the beginning of my shawl.

It will definitly require blocking, but you get the general idea.  The pattern started with a magic loop at the center top of this photo.  Several triple crochet stiches were crocheted in here along with a V stich.  The following rows are made up of 2 half double crochet rows and one row of triple crochet stiches.  Stitches are increased at the beginning and end of each row and the V stich is maintained throughout and becomes the tip of the piece you see here.  The other unique feature to this pattern is that the stiches are crocheted in the gap between the stiches and not actually into the stiches from the previous row.  Overall it is a very easy pattern and flows nicely.

Stay tuned for next weeks post where the fun really begins as I add the colorful edging!

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