2 Week Menu Plan for the Weeks of February 27 – March 3 and March 6 – March 10

So far I have been keeping up with the 2 week menu plan.  Sorry I am a bit late in posting, but time just seems to get away from me lately.  For these two weeks I am trying to use up some leftovers which I am incorporating into the menus and use the meats I have on hand.  After next week I will definitly need to make a Costco run.

The way I cook I often have leftovers.  We only have so many days in the week for lunches so instead of taking the same leftovers each day, I decided to freeze some of the leftover taco meat, veggies, pasta, rice, etc. and incorporate them into menus this week. 

So here is how I did it …..

Week of February 27 – March 3

Monday: Chicken Parmesan with zoodles (zucchini noodles)

Tuesday: Schinken Noodle (used leftover pesto pasta) green beans

Wednesday: Tilapia, leftover rice, salad

Thursday: Meatball subs (using leftover meatballs) salad

Friday: Paninis and soup (using leftover goulash and adding more liquid, potatoes and veggies)
Week of March 6 – March 10

Monday: Sweet and Sticky Orange Chicken, green beans

Tuesday: Bacon mac n cheese, Ham, corn

Wednesday: Enchilladas(using leftover taco meat and enchillada sauce) refried beans

Thursday: Baked Ziti casserole

Friday: loaded nachos

I would love to know what you are cooking up at your Haus. Let me know how you use your leftovers.  Hope you have a great 2 weeks!


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