I Opened an Etsy Store!

Hello all –

I have always had a dream of opening my own yarn store.  A place where creative people can come and grow.  A place to connect, knit or crochet, learn, drink coffee, chat, etc.  Since I am a bit away from fulfilling that dream, I thought why not start with Etsy.

I have actually had the shop since 2012 but never listed anything.  I have finally listed one item – Knit Russian Nesting Dolls.


I am pretty excited about the idea of having a shop – even though it is only virtual at the moment – but one day – some day – you may be able to visit me At Margareta’s Haus!

In the meantime, swing by the shop and see what you think.  Be on the look out for more items to be listed soon!


Click here if you want to stop on by!  Hope you will visit soon!!




5 thoughts on “I Opened an Etsy Store!

  1. Tami

    Wouldn’t that be so amazing Margareta?!? That’s my dream too! If you ever do open a yarn shop I will totally pop over and visit – before heading back to your house for dinner that is!! 😀 Good luck with your Etsy! I love those Nesting Dolls!! What a cute and unique knit! 😀


    1. At Margareta's Haus Post author

      Thanks Tami! You can come by the shop anytime and dinner is always ready too! You should open an etsy shop too! Thanks for the nice comment about the dolls. I have a few more items that I will list soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tami

        I have been toying with the idea. I have so many projects lined up for friends and family. Maybe when those are all done I’ll give it some serious thought. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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