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I Opened an Etsy Store!

Hello all –

I have always had a dream of opening my own yarn store.  A place where creative people can come and grow.  A place to connect, knit or crochet, learn, drink coffee, chat, etc.  Since I am a bit away from fulfilling that dream, I thought why not start with Etsy.

I have actually had the shop since 2012 but never listed anything.  I have finally listed one item – Knit Russian Nesting Dolls.


I am pretty excited about the idea of having a shop – even though it is only virtual at the moment – but one day – some day – you may be able to visit me At Margareta’s Haus!

In the meantime, swing by the shop and see what you think.  Be on the look out for more items to be listed soon!


Click here if you want to stop on by!  Hope you will visit soon!!




Purl Soho – Two Color Cowl completed!


I have finished the cowl but must say this was a rather difficult pattern for me to get into. Once I got going things went so well that I forgot to measure and ended up knitting so far I ran out of yarn and had to rip out a few rows. Due to the nature of the pattern, the frogging was a bit hard. After frogging several times to try and end up with enough of the pinkish shade to complete it I ended up opting to finish with the white. I think it looks rather nice and can see me wearing quite often this fall and winter season.

Purl Soho Two-color Cowl

Now that I have finished the Merry and Bright sweater I am anxious to try this cowl.  I ordered the yarn and have it wound and ready to start. The pattern was a free download from Purl Soho.  If you have not visited their site, i highly recommen that you do. Sign up for their emails as well – as they frequently offer free patterns – such as the one for the cowl.

We leave for our family camping trip this week and this pattern is simple enough for me to knit during our long drive. 

Merry and Bright Finished

I finally finished the red sweater.

I did run into a bit of difficulty in the finishing process. My first attempt at the neck edge was to tight. I frogged it and started again. Take two worked out perfectly. 

Sewing it all together took some time as well, but I love the end result. The yarn is very soft and the sweater is not to heavy.  It is perfect for the California winters. 

I am going to look forward to wearing it. Right now it is pretty warm in Southern California so a photo on the dress dummy is all I will post for now. I did try it on and it feels great. 

Merry and Bright Knitting Update

I have been working on several side projects and have not been knitting much on this sweater. I have once again picked it up and habe the back piece done. I am currently working on the front. I hope to keep up the pace as I have my eye on several other projects but can not start them until this one is done. 

Me Made May – final post

While I know we have not reached the end of May, I am running out of me made items to wear and share. I vow to work harder this year to be able to play along all month in 2017. There are so many sewing blogs that have once again peaked my interest in sewing. I hope to sew up some wonderful pieces to compliment my knitted items.

So hear we go…



White knit top from a knit picks book I puchased some time ago.



Another top from the same knit picks book. This is a solid blue tank with a pattern down the sides.  Very cute worn under a cardigan as I did here, or as a vest or by iself.



Homemade knit slippers. The flowers were knit separately and then sewn on.



Loved this yarn. It knit up in pretty even stripes for this little cardigan. It slips on – no buttons. A very easy raglan sleeve knit.



It was a not so sunny day in Southern  California so perfect or a short sleeve cover up. Again no buttons so pretty easy and quick to knit. It was knit from sleeve to sleeve.


I am sorry this photo is so dark. It was taken at the cabin. This is one of my favorite knit items – my sweater of many colors.  I almost lost heart during the process but am so glad I finished. Here is a photo of the stripe patterns used for the sweater.


This pattern came from a knitting magazine. I think Interweave Knits but i am not 100% sure.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I am sorry I do not have links to my patterns as I knit them so long ago. If you really want to know about a particular pattern I will see if I can find it for you.

This Me Made May exercise has made me realize that I do not wear my handmade items as much as I should.

Me-Made-May – post 2

So I am a bit late to the party and not sure I am even doing this right, but I decided to start wearing outfits that contain a self made item.

Here is what I have been  wearing lately:

knit grey top

Grey knit top made from a Knit Picks book I purchased last year.  Yarn is from Knit Picks as well.  Sorry I do not remember the pattern name off hand.

Stripped top

This is the Hemlock Tee Pattern that is free and you can get it here.  I actually sewed this on Saturday and love, love, love the way it fits and feels so I went ahead and made another more suitable for work.

black and white topThis is such an easy pattern to sew and I can see myself making more of them.

I also refurbished a pair of capris that I bought at a thrift store for $5.99 into a nice pair of walking shorts.

Thrifted shorts

I think they turned out nicely.

That is all I have for now – will keep trying to wear my me made items through the end of the month and will share photos as I go.



Me Made May and Wearing the Charloette Sweater

I have heard a lot this month about Me Made May and have loved seeing the creativity of fellow bloggers.  I really don’t think I have that many me made objects to fill a month, so a new goal for me for next year so I can get in on the craze a bit earlier.

So here is the Charloette Sweater.  I think it turned out quite nice.  I can see wearing it a lot as it is light and airy.  Perhaps with a nice white summer skirt or a pair of shorts.

So here it is –



Merry and Bright


I have the knitting bug once again and  moving on to another project. I came across this pattern on the Drops Design website. They have a lot of free patterns for crochet and knitting.

In an effort to stash bust my yarn I am using Gloss DK in Scarlet from Knit Picks. 

Excited to begin this one. Looks like it will be a quick easy knit.