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Sweet Surprise 

I would like to congratulate fellow blogger Tracy from Its a T-Sweets Day on reaching 100 followers!  To celebrate her milestone she is giving away one of her fabulous quilts.  You can find info on her giveaway here.

If you have not yet visited her site, you definitely should!  Her quilts are gorgeous.  Quilts tell a story about their creation or who they are created for.  Tracy always gives such great detail on how she makes her quilts and the story that goes with them.

I have of course entered the giveaway.  Wish me luck!

Sew Long To Summer Blog Tour 2016: Sweater Dress/Tunic

I would like to thank Melissa of Mahlica Designs for hosting this Blog Tour.  I has been so much fun and it was great getting to visit all the other bloggers who participated in the event – 25 in total!

As I was trying to decide which item would help me say “So Long” to Summer and easily transition into Fall  I immediately thought of the styles of Lotta Jansdotter.  I purchased her book Everyday Style last year but had not made anything as yet.  Recently my mother cleaned out her fabric stash and I inherited a wonderful wine colored sweater fabric that I knew would be perfect for the Tunic featured in the book.

I gathered my supplies and set to work.

If you have traced a pattern from pattern sheets before you know that this can take a bit of time.  Make sure you transfer any markings or notations that the pattern pieces may have to your tracings as well.  Be sure to label your pieces, i.e. front, back, front yoke, etc.,  as this too will aide when you are assembling your garment.

I was very pleased to see that the Tunic had darts.  This helps to keep the tunic from looking to  much like a sack and gives it a more fitted look.  Below you can see my dart markings and then how they look once sewn.

Once the darts were completed, I sewed the shoulder seams together.  The Tunic has a yoke neck.  The yoke front is sewn to the yoke back and then the entire yoke is sewn into the tunic matching the shoulder seams.  The process looked like this:

If pay close attention to the seam allowances you should not have any trouble matching up the shoulder seams.  This is how the yoke looked inside the tunic.  I topstitched around the entire yoke – not close to the neckline, but around the outer edge.  This gives the neckline a nice finish.  I think my label adds a nice touch as well.


The sleeves are set in and then the sleeve seam and side seams are completed at the same time, sewing down the entire length.  I had decided to make this tunic with 3/4 length sleeves so I sewed a very narrow sleeve hem first, then inserted the sleeve to the garment and closed the sleeve and side seams.


A little bit of gathering around the top part of the sleeve will ease in the placement of the sleeve to the garment and help it to fit nicely.  Once the side seams were sewn I made the hem.  I did the hemming on the machine as it adds to the casual feel of the knit dress and compliments the stitching around the yoke neckline.

I am very pleased with the way the Tunic looks and fits. I am definitely going to make more of these in a variety of fabrics.  For now, here is a glimpse of how I will be wearing my Tunic to say Sew Long to Summer!  Hope you enjoyed this post.

Sew Long To Summer 2016 Blog Tour

Today marks the end of a wonerful week of Blog touring.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey and have visited the sites of the very talented bloggers who have participated.  I wish to thank Melissa of Mahlica Designs for being our gracious host and for all of her hard work putting this together! 

Here is a look at the bloggers for today!  Recognize anyone???  Today is the day I participate.  Be sure to stop by my post on the Esme Tunic.

Here are the links to our bloggers!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Don’t forget about the giveaway…. a free pattern from On The Cutting Floor

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sew Long To Summer 2016 Blog Tour – Day 4

We are drawing close to the end of our Blog Tour with tomorrow being the last day.  I hope you have visited some of the talented bloggers that have participated.  Here are the teaser pictures of todays bloggers.  Click on the links below to see more details about what they have to show you.

Lulu & Celeste, Diane Cullum of Two Chicklets, Adventures With Bubba and Bug, Wining Wife, The Pumpkin Room, Sewing A La Carte, Anne-Mari Sews

Don’t forget to checkout our sponsors as well! Here is the link to my post with the discount codes.

Be sure to tune in again tomorrow as I will be one of the featured bloggers!

Sew Long To Summer 2016 Blog Tour – Day 3

I have been having so much fun on this blog tour.  Just take a look at what these talented bloggers are showing us today.

Please click on their links below to read more about their fantastic creations!

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Day 2 of the Sew Long To Summer 2016 Blog Tour

I hope you have had fun visiting my fellow bloggers as we tour through our transitions to fall.  Here is a teaser of what they have to offer today!


Here are the links to use when visiting their sites:
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Sew Long Summer Blog Tour 2016

I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the 2016 Sew Long Blog Tour hosted by Melissa of Mahlica Designs.  The blog tour will run from September 12 – September 16.  Various bloggers will be showing off homemade items to ease in the transition from Summer to Fall.  My item will be featured on September 16. Be sure to visit my blog on that day to see what I have to show you!  Of course you should visit Melissa each day as she announces the bloggers of the day.  I will try to link to as many of her posts as I can.  Below is a list of sponsors for our tour who will be offering great discounts September 12 – September 17.

Blue Dot Patterns  25% off patterns CODE: SewLongSummer

Zierstoff Sewing Patterns 20% off patterns CODE: zierstoffpatterns20

On The Cutting Floor 50% off patterns CODE: SEWLONG

As if that wasnt exciting enough, there will be a giveaway too!

Pattern from On The Cutting Floor

Fall Poncho Tutorial

Cooler weather has not yet hit us in Southern California, but when it does I thought this would make a nice transition piece.


About 2 1/2 yards of stretch fabric (knit, fleece or sweatshirt type fabrics)

Below is a photo of my fabric and my inspiration photo.

I began by folding the fabric in half to form a large square.  At this point you can hold it up to see if you like the length, width, etc.  I found mine to be a bit to long and looked to frumpy.  I ended up cuttung about 10 inches off the length from the front and back. My finished measurements were 22 1/2 inches in length. (measured from the neck to the front or back)

Since my fabric does not ravel I decided to make a decorative edge around the entire square.  This is what the button on my sewing machine looks like for the zig zag stitch I used.

I folded the edge over to the wrong side of fabric and made a 5/8 inch seam all the way around.  At this point it should look like a giant square – with a decorative edge of course!  Here is what the process of my stitching looked like.

The next thing is to determine how wide yiuwant the neck to be and to make sure it is centered.  I folded the square in half (imageine you are looking at the front or back of your poncho now).  Then fold it over – left side over right side to determine the center.  Once you have found the center place a pin there and open your square.  You shoukd once again be looking at the front or back of the poncho.  Next measure out from each side of the pin the width of your desired neck opening. If you wanted a 12 inch opening, you would measure 6 inches from the center pin towards each side – again placing a pin.  You should now have 3 pins, one marking the center of the neck opening and two that mark the end.  Should look like this:

Carefully cut this slit open.  Again, my fabric does not ravel or fray so I could have left it as is, but I decided to make a small rolled edge using a foot that came with my Pfaff. It would be perfectly fine as is however.

I wanted wear my poncho different ways; with a scarf, with a wide neck opening, or flipping it around so it almost looks like a V-neck.  Here are some photos with different views.


Fun Scarf Tutorial

I am participating in my second sew along.  The theme for this one is destination.  My album for the sew along is Destination-Inspiration.  Each season as the catalogs come in the mail, I look through them and clip photos to put in my idea book.  I found a cute scarf and thought I would try to recreate this myself.  I need 8 items for my sew along by December 15.  This will be my first item.  Enjoy and I hope you sew along!

It is always a good project when you can work with what you have on hand.  I had about 1 1/2 yards of 60 wide fabric on hand and several yards of pom pom trim.  I find that fabric that looks good from both sides works best for scarves. Mine is a light gauzy cotton fabric.  The color and pattern reminds me of snowflake crystals and that wierd blue hue that happens in winter when it is not quite light and there is snow on the ground.  

I layed the fabric out and cut it in a sort of rectangle – I know there is a geometric term for the shape but I will just show you my drawing below.  These are the measurements I cut my fabric too.  In the upper  right hand corner you can see my inspiration photo.

Once my piece was cut to the desired length and width I finished the edges.  I use the same Pfaff machine that my grandmother bought for me in 1987.  It is my only sewing machine and I love it!  I know some of you have sergers and that makes the process easier but I have this special foot 

that makes a nice rolled edge like this:

I sewed this edge around the entire scarf.  Next I sewed on the pom pom trim.  I only sewed it along the top and bottom of my scarf as I was affraid it would get to bulky otherwise.  The beauty of this is that you can add as much trim as you like or leave it off entirely.  

I love it and it was a really quick sewing project.  Would make a nice Christmas or Birthday gift as well.