Menu for the Week of March 27 – March 31

Hello All!  I am a little late posting my menu for the week.  I kind of messed up before my little trip away to Idyllwild.  I misplanned and we were running low on groceries last week.  I should have planned for 2 weeks to cover the week after my trip, but oops – life happens – so no formal menu was planned and we were just winging it.  

This week I do have a menu plan, hoever, it is only for one week. This coming weekend we will do our Costco shopping so I can get back on my 2 week program.

I know you are anxious to see what I will be cooking – so here goes….

Monday: Old Settler Beans – this recipe was posted on my fellow bloggers page (It’s A T-Sweets Day) and they were delicious!  Click here for the link to her recipe.

Tuesday: Chicken and White Bean Enchilladas

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Italian Beef Hoagies

Thursday: Slow Cooker Chilli

Friday: Asparagus Lemon Risotto

Hope you have a great week.  Remember if you try any of these recipes to let me know what you think.

Until next time – Auf Wiedersehen!


Idyllwild California – Craft and Gab Trip 2017 (aka: Stitch and Bitch)

I am back from my weekend getaway to the Creekstone Inn in Idyllwild California.  This is the 9th year for this Craft and Gab retreat.  My Mom and I have gone for the past 5 years.  At first we had more crafters, now more gabbers, but great ladies and great fun always!  

We are a group of around 12-15 ladies and rent out the entire bed and breakfast.  Each room comes with its own bathroom and has a different theme.  My Mom and I have been staying in the Fall Theme room which is beautiful.  There is a full kitchen and we share in the meal prep and clean up.

We usually hang out in the common area where there are multiple couches and a fire place.  This year the weather was warm and we never needed the fire place.  Here are some photos of us crafting, gabbing, reading or just hanging out.

Here is a selfie of Mom and I!

I worked on my Little Box of Crochet.  It was the perfect craft to take as everythong you need is included in the box.  I put the mug cozy to the test right away. Isn’t it lovely?

This weekend was also my Birthday. My Mom treated me to a fabulous lunch and the retreat ladies sang Happy Birthday and presented me a very large chocolate cake. (Thank you Joe’d for the cake – so sorry you couldn’t make it.  You were missed!) Being the tricky bunch that they are, the candles kept relighting themselves.  This old girl was running out of breath and finally just snuffed them out with my fingers – ha ha! I also received the best smelling soap I think I have ever smelled from 2 very special ladies. (Thank you Teddi and Ashley)

It was a wonderful getaway! We are all looking forward to next year!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time –


What is on my hook and the annual Craft and Gab Girls Weekend

Now that I have finished the Sweet Haus Cal – Sunday Shawl I wanted tos hare with you what I have been crocheting.  

I am finishing up the Demelza Blanket. I have not posted much on this as it is a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom and I know she follows my blog so no spoilers here.  LOL!!

I am also working on the Hygge Shawl which is a CAL sponsored by Sheepjes.  I oredered my kit from Wool Wherehouse and it came packed so nicely in this box.

You can see my work peeking through.  This shawl has a lot of emboidery and is something I have not attempted before.  Here is a better look at my work so far.

I love the vibrant colors and the different techniques.  I am a week behind on this CAL as I have been preparing for the Annual Craft and Gab that my Mom and I attend each year with a group of wonderful ladies.  We gab alot so I try not to take anything that gets to involeved so I don’t lose count of my stiches.

Our group rents out a wonderful bed and breakfast in the local mountains and enoy stitching, socializing and of course there is wine!  We leave this Friday and will return on Sunday.  I am looking forward to this little retreat.

The project I will be taking with me are – my Little Box of Crochet.  

I was so excited when the box arrived that is was hard not to dive in right away.  Look how cute these little mug cozies are.  Of course there was a beautiful stitch marker and hand painted brooch in the box as well.  

They really do a wonderful job with their boxes and it is truly exciting for me when the box arrives at my haus.

The other project I will be taking is my granny square sweater.  The front and back are complete and the squares have been sewn together, but I am not happy with the sleeves.  You may recall I posted about it here. I will open the sleeves and hopefully finish the sweater.

I am also working on this cat house for my sister’s cat Mila.

I was happy to meet Mila when I visited my sister in Germany last year.  I know she will enoy hiding out in here.  I have chosen a medium grey tshirt yarn which is crocheting up so soft.

I have one more project in the works and that is my very first graphaghan.  This will be a blanket for my sister’s birthday – so again no photos – so as not to apoil the surprise for her.  I promise to post photos of the Demelza and the graphaghan once the presents have been presented

Until next time – happy crafting!!


New Year, New You – Resolution Number 3

Greetings my lovelies!  How are your new habits coming along?  Are we still drinking enough water and incorporating movement into our days?  If not, then be kind to yourselves and be forgiving.  Start where you are and make better choices today than you did yesterday.

I have continued drinking water and am now to the point where I get thirsty and that is my reminder to stay hydrated.  If you need a nudge to remember hydration, then set a timer on your phone to remind you.  

The same goes for movement.  Set a reminder on your phone to get up and move around during your day.  Today is the start of Daylight Savings time for most of us which means it will stay light longer.  Go for more walks – enoy the outdoors!  I have been taking my hot yoga classes faithfully – usually 3 times a week – and catching walks with Hubby whenever I can.

So now I am ready to share my new habit with you – be mindful of what you eat!  Do not eat and watch TV or eat at your desk.  When you eat, only eat.  Pay attention to the flavors and how the food tastes.  Is it spicy?  Is it smooth?  Is it comfort food?  Really enjoy what you eat and pay attention.When we partake in other activities while we eat, we can quickly overeat as we are not paying attention to our body’s signals that we are satisfied and it is time to stop eating. 

Also notice how the food makes you feel.  Did it give you indegestion?  Then maybe the food was too spicy and you should avoid eating this item in the future. Were you hungry again a few hours later? Perhaps you need to incorporate more protein into your meals.  Pay attention to your body and its signals to you.  

Try, if you can, to make your noon meal your largest meal.  Your body has more time to digest a large midday meal.  Eating a large meal a few hours before going to bed means your body will store these calories longer. During sleep you do not burn as many calories as during waking hours where you are moving about more.  If you follow my blog then you know I cook alot.  My suggestion is to  cook dinner, eat a smaller portion, and then take the rest for lunch the next day for your larger midday meal.

I have incoporated this and am seeing results.  I feel better and I am naturally eating less as I pay attention to my body.  In addition, I am enjoying my meals more.  Try not to focus on weightloss here.  Just focus on eating healthier and mindfully. 

I hope you find this post helpful.  I would love to hear how you are doing.  Remember this is your journey – enjoy it!

Hugs to you all,


 2 Week Menu Plan for the Weeks of February 27 – March 3 and March 6 – March 10

So far I have been keeping up with the 2 week menu plan.  Sorry I am a bit late in posting, but time just seems to get away from me lately.  For these two weeks I am trying to use up some leftovers which I am incorporating into the menus and use the meats I have on hand.  After next week I will definitly need to make a Costco run.

The way I cook I often have leftovers.  We only have so many days in the week for lunches so instead of taking the same leftovers each day, I decided to freeze some of the leftover taco meat, veggies, pasta, rice, etc. and incorporate them into menus this week. 

So here is how I did it …..

Week of February 27 – March 3

Monday: Chicken Parmesan with zoodles (zucchini noodles)

Tuesday: Schinken Noodle (used leftover pesto pasta) green beans

Wednesday: Tilapia, leftover rice, salad

Thursday: Meatball subs (using leftover meatballs) salad

Friday: Paninis and soup (using leftover goulash and adding more liquid, potatoes and veggies)
Week of March 6 – March 10

Monday: Sweet and Sticky Orange Chicken, green beans

Tuesday: Bacon mac n cheese, Ham, corn

Wednesday: Enchilladas(using leftover taco meat and enchillada sauce) refried beans

Thursday: Baked Ziti casserole

Friday: loaded nachos

I would love to know what you are cooking up at your Haus. Let me know how you use your leftovers.  Hope you have a great 2 weeks!


The Finished Sunday Shawl

Isn’t it beautiful.  I love how the colors pop against the grey back ground.  We have been having some rainy weather so I have been getting use out of my shawl already.  

I wish you could feel how soft this yarn is.  I definitely made the right yarn choice.  If you like this pattern, you can purchase it on Ravelry here.  I want to thank Tracey from It’s A T-Sweets Day for crocheting yet another project with me.

Until next time, my shawl and I say Auf Wiedersehen.  Can’t wait for you to stop back by and see what I am creating next!


Sunday Shawl CAL Complete!

I have finished the shawl and am in love with the vibrant colors of the border.  I was worried the shawl may have ended up a bit small but it is the perfect size.  The yarn is so soft and feels incredible next to the skin – no scratchiness at all.  

I live in So. California so we don’t  have to many really cold days, and this shawl will be the perfect transitional ward rope piece.  It can be worn like a scarf – drapped around your neck, or as a shawl, softly draped over your shoulders.  

Here is a photo of the shawl on my blocking mats so you get a better idea of the size.  

Stay tuned for next week when I post photos of the shawl off the mat and on my shoulders.  Can’t wait to show you!!!

Be sure to check out Tracey’s blog at It’s A T-Sweets Day who took this journey with me and also crocheted the Sunday Shawl.  This is our thirs project together. 

See you next week for the big unveil!



Happy Valentine’s Day From my Haus

My Valentine’s tradition for the past few years is to make pizza for dinner with heart shaped pepperoni.  It is cute, a bit festive, and makes everyone feel special.

I used Trader Joes pizza dough and some of our favorite marinara sauce.  Sprinkle on some Mozarella cheese and add the pepperoni.  I used my kitchen shears to cut the pepperoni into heart shapes. (I am gluten free so I made mine with a gluten free crust and used the pepperoni scraps leftover from heart cutting for my pizza).  Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.

I also made a salad and served sparkling pomegranate juice. 

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!!!


Sweet Haus CAL – Sunday Shawl, Making Progress

Tracey of It’s A T-Sweets Day and I are making real progress on our shawls.  I must say that the beginning of the shawl took me a bit to get the hang of.  Maybe because I missed the part of the insructions that said to crochet in the space between the stiches.  So after one round of ripping out the stiches, I am finally working on the trim.



I love how vibrant the colors look next to the neutral grey.  I also like that the pattern rows are different stiches and give it a unique style.


I still have many more colors to add to the trim and am excited to be able to show you my completed shawl next week, before the blocking begins.  Until then, be sure to stop by Tracey’s to check her progress!

Thanks for stopping by my Haus.


2 Week Menu Plan for the Weeks of February 13 – February 17 and February 20 – February 24

I am getting used to planning my menu for 2 weeks at a time.  Since I did such a large Costco Haul 2 weeks ago, I did not need to buy any meat this week.  I have seen a drop in my grocery bill as well, since I am trying to use items I still have on hand.

So here is what I have planned for the next two weeks:

2/13/2017 – 2/17/2017

Monday: Schinken noodle and cucumber salad

Tuesday: Valentines Pizza, salad

Wednesday: Bacon and Potato Soup, rolls

Thursday: Chicken Pesto Pasta, salad

Friday: Hungarian Goulash, noodles, green beans


2/20/2017 – 2/24/2017

Monday: Spaghetti Cabonara, salad

Tuesday: Cabbage and noodles with sausage

Wednesaday: Asian Garlic Noodles with beef and green beans

Thursday: Taco Skillet

Friday: Chicken Burritos

I hope you enjoy these two weeks of menus.  Until next time, Happy Cooking!!!