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TTFN – Ta Ta For Now

Well the time has come – Idyllwild “Stitch and Bitch” weekend.  This is the third year my Mom and I are attending this event.  Basically it is a group of about 15-18 women who rent a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend and craft and chat.

The location is in Idyllwild California and the rooms each have a different theme.  This year we are in the Western Room.  We take turns making dinners and breakfasts as a group.  There will of course be wine, wine, and more wine.  🙂

It is a really nice getaway and I have time to devote to my knitting projects, and of course, catch up with my Mom.  I already posted about the two items I am bringing with me here.  My goal is to complete the brown crochet sweater and to make a huge amount of progress on the pinkish knit top.  My Mom is knitting a lime green sweater vest. She was so excited when her yarn arrived that she started knitting right away.  I thought she may have it finished before we left. LOL

Well I better run, Time to pack and get things ready.  I will post pics and a recap of the trip on my return.

Tshuss!!!!!!! (Bye in German)


Thrifting Finds

I stopped by one of the local thrift stores on Thursday while I had some time to kill and am so glad that I did.  Take a look at what I purchased for $24.00.

2013-03-07_15-15-56_267Navy Blue wrap skirt with fruit motif.  This will be so fun to wear this summer for my no pants challenge.

2013-03-07_15-16-17_812Cute white cotton summer skirt.

2013-03-07_15-17-00_796Cute 60s style dress.

2013-03-07_15-17-57_289Brown Suite that really isn’t a suit at all.  The skirt and jacket match in color perfectly.  The jacket fits fine, but the skirt definitely needs a lining or to be worn with a slip and I think I will shorten it a bit as well to give it a more modern look.

Overall not bad for the price I paid.  What do you think?


Galaxy Dress

Last year I came across a post on the blog Stars For Streetlights  for a galaxy dress.  You can view her tutorial here. I had the perfect dress and was just waiting to have enough time to complete the project from start to finish.  Well the other day I decided to make the time.  My first attempt was thwarted in that I sprayed the bleach – nothing happened – who knew that you could buy color fast bleach!!!!  So attempt number 2 – using the correct bleach had a much better effect.  See the results below.



049I really like the way it turned out and it was so much fun to wear.  What do you think?  I think I will make a galaxy scarf next.



Recent Thrift Store Finds

Today I stopped by the local thrift store to see if I could pick up any treasures and low and behold I scored three items!

014Ralph Laruen blue and white stripped T-shirt $3.00

Red Karen Scott short sleeved sweater $3.00

100% Silk Blouse in black from The Limited $4.00

I was looking for a nice crisp white blouse and a tan pair of pants and possibly a flouncy floral skirt – but alas none to be had in my size. Still looking for some retro juice glasses as well. I am happy with my purchases though and think the black silk blouse will look great with the pants I picked up last week.

Have you found any great deals lately?


Idea Book

So often I get catalogs in the mail and I look through them and get inspirations on outfits (what clothes to put together) jewelry making ideas, decorating ideas, craft and sewing ideas, the list goes on an on.  Instead of keeping all the magazines or overloading a bulletin/peg board, I decided to make an idea book.

I purchased a plain notebook from Target.  It has lined pages, but unlined works fine too.

009Here are some of the magazines I will be going through this evening.  When I find something I like I cut it out and glue it in my book.  Sometimes I will write something about the photo – something like this – “this sweater would look great with my blue skirt” or “Christmas gift idea.”

010Here are some of the photos I have already chosen and are waiting to be put in my book.

011And here is a look into my book.  I refer to if often and update it as I find things of interest.

013What is your inspiration?

Thursday Thrift Store Finds

Today I stopped by one of our local thrift stores.  As with any of these stores – it is hit and miss.  What I was looking for was some juice classes – preferably a bit retro – but alas there were none to be had.

I then took a look through the clothing section and low and behold….. I found these:

001Perry Ellis Shoes – $6.00

Chadwicks Silk Blouse – $4.00

Daila Collection Linen Pants – $4.00

Beaded Handbag – $4.00

Total: $18.00

I am very pleased with my purchases – everything fits well and there are no stains or even scuff marks on the shoes.  In keeping with my Seamless Challenge – I think I did quite well.

My work life will be changing shortly and I will need to spend more time in the office so these items will come in handy.

The Dress and the Top

As promised, I had my photo taken wearing the dress I made yesterday from the Improv Sewing Book and the Top which was from a Simplicity Pattern.  I think they turned out quite well and in keeping with my Seamless Challenge – I had all the fabrics, thread, elastic, patterns, etc. required in the sewing of these items and the Improv Sewing Book was on loan from the Local Library.


002003 004



Improv Sewing

Earlier today I made this dress:

004I found the pattern in a book I checked out of the Library called Improv Sewing.


 This book is so full of ideas and easy techniques.  Basically you take your measurements and make your own patterns. Here is the page in the book that tells how to make the dress – 

009 The next item on my list is a skirt, but there are so many to choose from.  Here are a few of my favorites.011012



There are also many accessories such as these –




Appliqued Hat –






Neck Scarf –






Circle Applique Scarf –




The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!

Sew for me easy! Update – it is easy!

I am so  excited!!!!  I finished the top!!!! YEAH!!!!!!  I worked on it yesterday and towards the afternoon I was so frustrated – it appeared to be to big.  Story of my life, all that work and excitement about sewing for myself and then nothing.  I was just about to throw in the towel when I decided to walk away from the project for a while.  I went back into my sewing room in the evening and pinned the sides.  The neck opening was very large as it is gathered with elastic but I was still able to slide it on and see that it looked like it would work out after all.  Today I went back at it and finished it.  Here is a photo –

001I will try to have my photo taken in the top and post one with it on.  I just hate getting my picture taken – I always look so goofy – do I smile, do I show teeth, serious face, you know what I mean.

So then I was on a roll and took out one of the books that I had checked out from the library as they had a cute dress that had the seams on the outside – sort of a bit rustic chic.  I made a pattern out of a dress that I had for a long time, but did not like and made myself a new dress.  I already had the fabric in my stash but had not yet used it – this one was a nice red knit.  Here is a photo of the dress, I will try to have a photo taken of me in the dress and post that too.

004During this process my iron crapped out and now I have to purchase a new one.  I have had this one for at least 20 years.  Not even sure what to purchase.  My hubby says to go to Target.  Anyone have an iron they LOVE and would recommend that won’t break the bank?

Well back to the sewing room as the library book also had a cute wrap skirt that is next on my list!  I will post more about the book and show photos in a later post.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)